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How do I run this game in FS UAE? It's not recognizing the files, it just accepts 2 adf files at a time. Thanks!


As far as I remember, Blade requires hard drive installation, so open up Workbench and use the ADFs to virtually install the game. I hope that's an option (only 3 disks are actually needed, disk 1 is a stand-alone intro sequence).


 "I began programming in BASIC in 1983. I developed 20 Amiga games from 1991 to 1997, then Windows PC games from 1998 to 2006, "

I discover the above paragraph. In fact, I am curious. Did you develop the above Amiga games and PC games in BASIC? 

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No, my 1983 programming was on a Dragon 32. I programmed my Amiga games in assembler, and my PC games in C++.

Hi.  The game is fantastic. But I can't finish the game. On level 49 I have explored everything and killed all the monsters and no more. where did I go wrong? Thanks for your help. :)

Wow, well done! I've never heard of anyone completing the game. As far as I remember, the goal is to find the magical sword, but I don't recall any end of game sequence, so consider your mission complete.

Thanks. The problem might be that I didn't find the magic sword, so the game is not over. Maybe I'll start again. :))) 

I own (or owned) the ill fated 1996 published version.  Between this and other releases at the time (Trapped 2 I'm looking at you) I think I was a bit discouraged by the lack of documentation.  I recall it being painfully slow and I never figured out many things like if it's even possible to resurrect a character.  After a few very brief forays (or maybe it was one foray loaded a few times?) into the dungeon I don't think I touched it again.  Still in those days I was happy to see new Amiga games no matter what, and I greatly appreciate seeing it here again.  I do believe I even have an image of the hard drive I had this installed on originally.  I should see if it's still there.  :)

I expect that you remember more about the game than I do. You might like to check out Hilt on here too, the game Blade was based on, which is pretty similar.

Thanks for this release! We will be reviewing it for the K&A+ magazine soon :)

Brilliant. Send me a link when its up and I'll share it around.

If this game were to be played on real hardware, are there any requirements? (e.g. ECS/PAL-only, 1MB Chip, etc.)

Thanks for doing this! Looks really cool.

I can't remember, but if I recall, it will play on OCS Amigas with extra memory and will have some limited graphics (eg. the heroes will look the same). On AGA Amigas, the graphics are enhanced and the scrolling is faster. I think it requires a hard drive.


Deutsche Amiga-Fans finden eine deutschsprachige Version auf Übersetzt von Olaf von Amiga Arena.

German Amiga fans can find a German language version on Translated by Olaf of Amiga Arena.

This is brilliant, thanks for releasing this Mark.

Thank you so much. The game brings up some painful memories for me, but I put a lot of work into it and there were some good things in it.